Dr. Sunil Raheja

I believe outwardly successful leaders longing for deeper meaning should be able to find the fulfilment they desire.

From my personal burnout experiences, I know what it’s like to feel stuck. I also know how committing to a process of self-reflection and a new way of thinking can overcome those nagging feelings of emptiness.

1989 Graduated in medicine from Southampton Medical School
1995 Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists
2001 – 2020: consultant psychiatrist specialising in learning disabilities in the NHS
2005 – 2019: Trainer and coach to the executive leadership team of Delhi Bible Institute
2008 – 2014: visiting consultant psychiatrist to the Priory Hospital Group
2008: Licenced trainer within the NHS on leadership for the Franklin Covey organisation
2011: Founding circle member of the John Maxwell Team with experience in teaching and training in the areas of leadership and management within commercial and charitable organisations.

I have also developed bespoke programmes to help individuals deal with the complex challenges that they may be facing either personally or professionally.

Define your path to purpose

The Dancing With Wisdom Coaching Programme guides leaders like you through seven steps of personal development to restore meaningful direction to your life.

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