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    Timeless truth

    The timeless truths of wisdom hold the key to the enduring meaning, purpose and fun we all long for.

    Mastering life

    Wisdom is about mastering life through surrendering to the often uncontrollable chaos.

    Dancing with wisdom

    Rather than fighting with life’s challenges, we can learn to dance with life in all its complexity, confusion and mystery.

    “This is no quick fix, self-help book; it is much deeper and far more valuable than that. With his blend of many years of medical practice and personal pilgrimage, combining Biblical wisdom with contemporary relevance, Sunil Raheja’s reflections help us to probe our fundamental priorities and values. This book encourages us to face the why questions about the biggest and inescapable issues of our existence, of life and death, meaning and purpose. But it also charts an attractive path to a life of greater enjoyment, fulfilment and potential flourishing, which might just change everything. It is well worth examining. I warmly commend it.”

    David Jackman

    Past President of the Proclamation Trust, London

    Dr. Sunil Raheja

    I believe those who are outwardly successful and long for deeper meaning should be able to find the fulfilment they desire.

    From my own personal burnout experiences, I know what it’s like to feel stuck.

    I’ve worked as a psychiatrist for over 25 years helping those stuck in complex psychological problems and circumstances.

    I also know how committing to self-reflection and a new way of thinking can overcome those nagging feelings of emptiness.

    That’s why over 6 years I’ve written my book.

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