S3 E10

Is it possible to enjoy lasting friendship – friendship so good that it lasts forever?
In a cynical, complex and challenging world, we might wonder at the idea. Cultural forces of individualism, loneliness and suspicion question the ideal. And personal stories of betrayal and disappointment plague our ability to try or trust again. 

And yet a model of friendship exists that runs counter to our doubts. It’s a friendship that’s crafted out of the heart of the gospel – meaning that it brings ‘good news’ for friendship.
So in this final episode of our 3-part series we ask …

‘What is it about the good news of Jesus that makes real friendship possible?’

‘What does it look like?’

‘How do we put it into practice?’


The answers unveil the ultimate model for friendship in God HImself. And He makes it possible for us to live lives that celebrate lasting friendships.
Joining us again to help us explore this ‘good news’ is John Wyatt – doctor, author, speaker and research scientist – who brings key insights from his book on friendship.
In the course of the conversation, John paints a picture of gospel-crafted friendships in practical terms. He reveals how modern variants such as ‘mentoring’ and ‘discipling’ pale in comparison. And he helps us see how friendship with God and others can last for eternity.

This is friendship with wisdom.
Do join the conversation.