S3 E11

What does it mean to grow old gracefully?
Welcome to a serious, but light-hearted conversation between two ‘old men’ who at the time of recording were only 69 and 56 years young!

Western culture celebrates and idolises youth. At the same time there is a nagging fear of the process of dying and losing control at the end of life. We anaesthetise and distract that fear with amusement. Indeed the word ‘amusement’ itself means ‘without thinking’.

In this 31 minute conversation Professor John Wyatt and myself joyfully explore what it means:
– to not look to the future with anxiety or even terror.
– the dangers of nostalgia and living in the past.
– from an ancient proverb how light overcomes darkness.
– how to not live in regret
– the importance of not just physical pain at the end of life, but also relational and psychological pain.
– why the fact you are alive means there is more for you to learn and more to give.
– finding confidence in how the good cannot be lost, the evil will be redeemed and the best is yet to come.