From Making Sense of Life to Dancing With Wisdom! I’m delighted to announce Season 2 Episode 1! 

On Series 2 Episode 1 of the Dancing With Wisdom Podcast we explore the question of Why Wisdom?
Do come and join my new podcast host, Elliott Frisby and I as we explore this question in detail.

Elliott gives us the dictionary definition of wisdom as “The ability to make sensible decisions and give good advice because of the experience and knowledge that you have.”
In our conversation we explore why wisdom is much more than that simple definition. Instead wisdom is about connecting us to timeless truths in a world which we find is increasingly cynical, confusing, complex and chaotic. The explosion of choices around us only adds to this. Indeed it could be argued that we are the most over-informed and under-reflective civilisation in human history.

There are three questions we are going to seek to unpack in this and future conversations:

  1. Why do some people grow and develop in their lives in incredible ways?
  2. How are some people not just productive, but able to be at peace with themselves and others?
  3. How do such people think, feel and behave to flourish so well in their lives?

We unpack wisdom as timeless truths that can connect you with the ultimate best version of who you are and who you long to be. It is about making sense of life in the fullest sense.

You can access the podcast on iTunes, your favourite podcast platform or watch on YouTube!

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