S3 E09

There is a dark side to friendship that destroys relationships and damages people.
In this 2nd episode of our 3-part series on friendship, we look at how we can apply wisdom to guard against friendship’s dark side.
Joining us again to help unpack this critical issue is John Wyatt – doctor, author, speaker and research scientist – who brings key insights from his book on friendship.  

John gives context to the ways our ideas of friendship are shaped. He lays out several warning signs of unhealthy friendships. And he provides 3 boundaries to safeguard healthy friendships.
This helps us to: 

  • Recognise the warning signs
  • Read them in context
  • Find the right way forward

As a result, we learn how to apply wisdom and strengthen our friendships as a force for good rather than evil.
Do join us for this important conversation.