Its been quite some time in preparation, but finally we are launching the podcast that goes with this blog! 

Podcast image for iTunes

I very much hope it will widen and deepen the conversations and connection with you the reader.

We are expanding on the theme of Making Sense of Life in A Challenging and Complex World.

We have called this episode zero. Do listen to hear me being interviewed by my co-host Andrew Horton on the thinking and philosophy behind the website along with what we plan to bring you.

Specific questions in this episode that we explore include:

The difference between depression and general unhappiness in life. Why is the latter so much on the rise and what can we do to protect ourselves?

The importance of life long learning.

3 keys to living a truly healthy life both inwardly and outwardly.

Is there enough hope in the world today and what can we do about that?

What does it mean to be compassionate towards oneself?

Why is this both the best and worst time to be alive?

The transcript of this episode is available here.

Also it would be great if you felt able to rate the programme on iTunes as well as pass it on to those who you think would benefit from listening.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of making sense of life in what is an increasingly challenging and complex world!