Understanding wisdom is not a one-off event, but the quest of a lifetime.

A quest is long search for something difficult to find or an attempt to achieve something difficult. A quest is different from an adventure. In a adventure, you choose to go out on an exciting journey. It spices up your life and then you come back home to pick up where you left off.

By contrast a quest is not something you choose. Rather, the quest chooses you. You are called to it because of what is going to be demanded of you. In many ways the person you are at the beginning never really comes back from a quest. Either you die on the quest or, if you do come back, you are so fundamentally changed that you are not the same person as when you set out.

Understanding wisdom is something of a quest. The more you learn the more you want to know. It is also incredibly life-enhancing and enriching.

This second podcast conversation with my co-host Elliott Frisby is about wisdom for the heart. We discuss the circumstances around the sudden death of my friend, Abhishek Banerjee on 17 March 2014 and how that was a defining moment in my own life on my quest for wisdom.

We discuss what the implications can be us as we seek to make sense of life in this often cynical, chaotic and confusing world.

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