Do you feel your public success does not match your private life?

Many mid-life professionals discover their public success does not bring the satisfaction they hungered for.

I connect them to a bigger story with meaning so their life just gets better and better.

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Find clarity about where you are in life and where you want to go. Commit to the coaching process so you can:

Regain genuine peace of mind

Experience the relief of talking honestly in a safe, confidential space without judgment or fear of the consequences.

Rediscover your unique purpose

Wake up with renewed energy and excitement as you again look forward to your day. We all have a unique purpose that we’re meant to share with the world.

Really live with your best years ahead of you

Actively reengage with life, family and friends in a rich and meaningful way.

Create a life of deeper meaning

Join the ongoing conversion about what it means to deepen in wisdom

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5 things you can dotoday to reclaim your life

Find out how to stop feeling stuck and take a step toward meaningful purpose.

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Dr. Sunil Raheja

I believe those who are outwardly successful and long for deeper meaning should be able to find the fulfilment they desire.

From my own personal burnout experiences, I know what it’s like to feel stuck.

I’ve worked as a psychiatrist for over 25 years helping those stuck in complex psychological problems and circumstances.

I also know how committing to self-reflection and a new way of thinking can overcome those nagging feelings of emptiness.

That’s why over 6 years I’ve written my book.

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Your Path Back to Purpose

You’re a leader who wants meaningful purpose. The problem is that your life looks successful on the outside but has become stagnant on the inside, which can lead to burnout. But I believe that you shouldn’t have to quietly struggle through a life that has gone off track. That’s why you need a leadership coach who can guide you on a journey to new growth and self-understanding.

Define your path to purpose

The Dancing With Wisdom Coaching Programme guides leaders like you through seven steps of personal development to restore meaningful direction to your life.

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