Cook books are hugely popular the world over. Amanda Clegg and Victoria Byrne have together written a cook book that is unique in so many ways to the vast number that are out there.

On this podcast I have the privilege of interviewing Amanda about her book “Hope and Spice: Authentic recipes and stories of transformation from the slums of Delhi.” Here is a short video recorded with Amanda and Victoria at the launch of the book back in November 2018:

Do come and join us on the podcast for this fascinating conversation with Amanda as we explore:

  •  How Amanda’s passion for India, food and encouraging those in slum communities in Delhi came together with an idea of an Indian cookbook.
  • The work of the charity Asha started by Dr Kiran Martin in a slum in Delhi in 1988 has dramatically grown and multiplied to bring holistic health and wellbeing to greatly disadvantaged individuals and famillies.
  • The story of Samina who has been empowered to be a community health volunteer to other women in her slum.
  • Chandan who not only has been able to complete a degree in Mathematics, but has also been granted a scholarship to do a Masters degree in the UK.
  • The evolution of the idea of a cookbook to combine recipes with inspiring stories of changed lives from the Delhi slums.
Hope & Spice has been named a double Gourmand World Cookbook Award 2020 winner, winning Best Indian Charity Cookbook, and gaining a second award for People Cuisine (India)!

The Hope and Spice website is here

The Asha charity that works in Delhi’s website is here

You can order the book from the link below:

The podcast is below or can be accessed at Making Sense of Life on iTunes

After you have listened to the podcast do let me know by telling me what you found helpful or inspiring or any feedback you have. 

Thank you!