Mental maps (also called paradigms) – we all have them.

A mental map is a picture of the world we have in our minds about how things are or should be. It does not necessarily have to be true or accurate, but it provides a structure or lens through which we experience and make sense of life.

When we find ourselves stuck in a particular situation, the temptation is to try harder or to change our attitude and while that may be of some use, often it can at times be of no help at all. The late Stephen Covey gives a helpful analogy of how it is like trying to find one’s way around Chicago when the map in front of you is actually that of Detroit. No amount of hard work or positive thinking will get you where you want to go. The secret to lasting change comes from changing our mental map or paradigm.

A famous quote attributed to Albert Einstein is, “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we had when we first created them.


What that means is for lasting change to occur we need to change our paradigm.
What does the concept of paradigms mean to you?
What do you see in this picture shown?

In our next blog post we will explore further what is meant by a paradigm shift and the life changing implications this can have.