The word wisdom appears not to be used that much in our modern 21st century world. Don’t let that fool you.

sunburstAs we find ourselves surrounded by exponentially increasing choice and change, the need for wisdom has never been greater.

Wherever you go and wherever you look we need wisdom. Be that on a personal level or with our family and friends or at work, we all need wisdom. Societies and governments need wisdom.

In this episode my co-host Andrew Horton and I explore  answers to the following questions:

What do we mean by the word wisdom and what can we practically do to make ourselves wiser?

How does information overload make wisdom harder to find?

What is the relationship between emotional intelligence and wisdom?

What are the 4 components of emotional intelligence?

What are some 3,000 year old tweets of wisdom?

How can the fear of God have anything to do with wisdom?

How can boldness and humility co-exist?

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What questions and thoughts does this discussion on wisdom raise in your mind?