2015 was the year I turned 50. On this podcast discussion with my co-host Andrew Horton we think about ageing in a world and culture that tends to celebrate youth and ignore wisdom. Having said that getting older per see is not the issue. Its not experience alone that counts, but rather evaluated experience. Or as someone has eloquently put it, “There is a world of difference between 50 years of experience and 1 year of experience repeated 50 times!”



As we explore these life lessons, we have been able to crystallise our discussion down to 6 main statements on life. Having turned 50 I very much doubt whether I would change any of these. No matter how much the world changes I believe these principles will be timeless.My purpose in sharing them is to hopefully spare you some of the pain and discomfort I experienced in not getting them earlier:

1. I’ve been learning to be comfortable in my own skin and context.

2. While being content with who I am, there is a place to appropriately strive and grow into all who I am called to be.

3. Life only really makes sense in the context of love and friendship.

4. Remember the video is playing and you are never really alone (even if it feels like it!)

5. The importance of right thinking and what we say to ourselves.

6. your life is a whole movie and not just a single scene.

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What thoughts and questions do the principles and discussion raise for you?