Wisdom. What is it? Why do you and I really need it? What do we mean by the word wisdom? 

Do join my cohost Andrew Horton and I on this podcast as we unpack some of the ideas from the book on wisdom I am currently working on.

In our conversation we unpack the following  draft quote from the book:

“Wisdom comes not to the most fortunate or intelligent, but to those who are most determined to find it. We should hunger and thirst for wisdom above everything else and what that can mean for your life. My challenge to you is that what you need first and foremost in your life is wisdom. I want to demonstrate to you why that is the case.”

We also explore how wisdom:

  • is much more than the stereotype figures of Gandalf from The Lord of The Rings or Yoda in Star Wars!
  • how wisdom starts from an awareness of who and where I am with regard to where I intend to be.
  • can be defined as capability in the complexities of life where the rules don’t help.
  • provides a way through the deceptions, discouragements, disappointments and distractions of modern life without giving in to cynicism and regret.
  • comes from living in reverential relationship with the living God who can show us the principles, path and power to a well lived life.
  •  is a the path by which we grow out of our natural self-centredness.
  • provides a clue to the answer G K Chesterton is reported to have given to a question posed by The Times newspaper in the early part of the 20th century.

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