On this podcast we continue our conversation with Amanda Clegg about her book co-written with Victoria Byrne, “Hope and Spice: Authentic recipes and stories of transformation from the slums of Delhi.”

Its one thing to have a good idea, but its another to see that idea through to completion. That is even more so for a cook book that combines not only authentic recipes, but inspiring stories of the slum dwellers themselves.

Do join us in this conversation with Amanda as we explore:

  • Why she could have the audacity to write an Indian cook book!
  • The logistical challenges of visiting  100 homes in 12 slum communities over 17 days to sample recipes, listen with the help of an interpreter and collate the stories of some remarkable men and women.
  • The power of food to bring down barriers of race and caste.
  • The story of Rajwati who in 2010 overnight lost her slum dwelling to make way for building for the Commonwealth Games.
  • How lobbying by the charity Asha eventually led after 3 months to Rajwati and the rest of her community being found new homes.
  • The story of Gyanwati who twenty years ago lost her son from dehydration at the age of two years old. Since then she has trained as a community health visitor and is determined that no other family will lose a child through dehydration.
  • Secrets and surprises of Indian cooking that Amanda has learnt.

If you have not listened to my previous conversation with Amanda that can be accessed here at Podcast #62: Much more than your average cookbook!

Hope & Spice has been named a double Gourmand World Cookbook Award 2020 winner, winning Best Indian Charity Cookbook, and gaining a second award for People Cuisine (India)!

The Hope and Spice website is here

The Asha charity that works in Delhi’s website is here

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