What does it take to live a full life? Rather than think about that in an abstract or theoretical sense, on today’s podcast I interview someone who I am proud to say has become a mentor and good friend, Kary Oberbrunner. The 2 minute video below will give you a flavour of our podcast conversation:

Kary lives in Columbus, Ohio, is married to Kelly and together they have three children.
He is an author of ten books, a coach and public speaker. He helps individuals and organisations clarify who they are, why they are here and where they are going so, as he says, “they can become souls on fire, experience unhackability and share their message with the world.”

While that is an exciting and inspiring message, Kary has certainly faced significant life challenges. That has included as a child having a speech impediment, being labelled with a learning disability and as a young adult a secret addiction to self-injury.

With that kind of background you could never have guessed what would happen in Kary’s life:

  • Earning a doctorate degree in transformational leadership
  • Through the Internet reaching over one million people with his content.
  • Training over 150,000 authors, coaches , speakers and entrepreneurs.
  • Published 10 books in the areas of business, fiction, personal growth and success.
  • Through his company Author Academy Elite he has helped over 600 people to write and publish their books. (I am writing my book through his company!)

Do join Kary and I on this podcast as we discuss:

  • Why the most powerful weapon on earth is a human soul on fire.
  • The power of finding clarity in your life.
  • Kary’s struggles with perfectionism and the toll that had on his early life.
  • The pivotal change that occurred when, as a church pastor, he began to turn his anger away from himself to being real in his relationship with God.
  • Why God can handle it when we are angry with Him
  • Kary’s transition from church pastor after 12 years to entrepreneurship.

If you want to find out more about Author Academy Elite please visit here.