Baroness Caroline Cox founded Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART) in 2004. In the video and podcast below we find out about the inspiration behind the charity and its work in making a difference. HART seeks to reach those who are off the radar screen of the mainstream media and cannot be supported by major aid agencies.

Do join us on the podcast as we discuss with Baroness Caroline Cox how HART was founded to fill a need to support and encourage those in desperate need and without a voice.

On the podcast we find out about:

  • How and why Caroline was initially inspired in the 1980s to travel by truck to Poland when it was under martial law and control by the Soviet Union.
  • The power of ideas and the dangers of taking blank computer paper into a totalitarian state.
  • Caroline’s calling to “share the darkness”
  • A 12 year old Polish boy’s words, “I believe in the sun even when I cannot see it. I believe in love even when I cannot feel it.”
  • The literal translation of enthusiasm as ‘God in us’.
  • Making a difference with the freedom and plenty that many of us have.
  • The sacrament of the present moment.
  • Why Caroline has visited Nagorno Karabakh 83 times so far – a place that in 1991 was subject to ruthless ethnic cleansing by Azerbaijan
  • Caroline feeling overwhelmed after walking through destroyed churches in India, Indonesia, Nigeria and Sudan, and saying “I’ve done this too often.”
  • The incompleteness of the Western view of Christmas that ignores the suffering after Jesus’ birth
  • Having a world view and theology that can deal with modern Herods and contemporary evil.

Baroness Cox writes:

“During my work with the persecuted church I have met many people who are suffering for their faith and I always return from my travels humbled and inspired by their courage, faith, dignity and miracles of grace. Many stories of those living on the front lines of faith illustrate spiritual blessings such as joy, peace and love in ways which are far from depressing.”

If you haven’t listened to the life story of Baroness Cox do also go to Podcast #019 and find out about this extraordinary grandmother. In both these podcasts she talks openly of her own battle with depressive thinking and what she insightfully calls ‘faithless fearful dread.’

You can find out more about the work of HART at their website which is linked here.

We also refer to Baroness Cox’s work in challenging religiously sanctioned gender discrimination in the UK via the Equal and Free website that can be accessed here.

In summary she reminds us, “I cannot do everything, but I must not do nothing.”

What thoughts and reflections does this raise for you?