As we continue our conversation with Peter Kerridge, chief executive of Premier Christian Communications, we ask him a variety of questions around his life and leadership. Peter is well qualified to answer such questions as he has guided the development over the last 25 years of Premier Christian Radio from its humble beginnings to become the largest Christian Radio station in the world.

In particular we explore:

  • How God has guided Peter as a continual worrier about where he is supposed to be and what he is supposed to do.
  • The greatest lessons he has has learnt in his life.
  • His greatest successes and why.
  • How failure has shaped his life.
  • What he sees as his greatest strengths.
  • His mentors and role models.
  • What these days makes his heart beat faster.
  • What he enjoys reading.
  • Specific life shaping experiences.
  • How his understanding of God has grown.
  • What he would want to do if he had unlimited time and money with no responsibilities.

The link to Premier Christian Radio is here

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