What makes this interview particularly fascinating is that it was recorded in January 2020 before the start of the global pandemic that has turned all of our lives upside down. In that time churches have had to go from being based in buildings to being forced to present their services online as there has been no other option. When we recorded this interview we had little idea how much our world was going to change in such a short span of time. While this has created significant challenges it has also led to unprecedented opportunities to present the unchanging message of the Gospel to the world.

Peter and I discuss how technology is becoming more and more an integral part of our lives. Indeed we are just seeing the beginning of a huge revolution in digital technology, which the pandemic has only accelerated at a faster pace than we had imagined. That uneven distribution around the world is becoming rapidly less uneven. We are entering the age of “The Internet of Things” where there is a greater blurring between the physical and virtual worlds. We are going to see a lot of the things previously done by humans replaced by artificial intelligence. Moore’s Law that says the power of the microchip doubles and its size halves every 18 months is creating at an ever increasing rate unprecedented changes in the ways that we live. COVID has only further accelerated those changes.

Before the COVID pandemic Premier Christian Radio, of which Peter is CEO since 1995 had grown to over 1.2 million listeners and 8 million website visitors. Since the pandemic that has grown even further and faster.

How does this changing world impact the unchanging truths of the Biblical Gospel message? Do join us in this conversation as Peter and I discuss:

  • How technology can be a tool to ensure that faith stays at the heart of a disciple’s life to bring Christ to others.
  • How churches are going to need to grow in confidence in the use of technology to bring timeless truths to the world.
  • How Premier has used its reach to galvanise Christian disciples to engage with pressing issues of our time.
  • How mobile devices are the tools by which the unchanging truths of the Christian Gospel can spread far and wide
  • With people generally reading less and auditory communication through technology more prevalent the opportunity that is growing to bring more personalised content tailored to the needs of individuals through their mobile phones.
  • Premier’s Leap of Faith to expand the vision of a clear, confident voice for the Christian faith in the UK and around the world.

You can connect directly with Peter at peter.kerridge@premier.org.uk

For a 4 minute video on how Premier has pivoted its influence and outreach during 2020 with the pandemic see this 4 minute video here

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