Joanna Swinney is a remarkable young lady. She is a writer, speaker and editor. She is married to Shawn, an associate vicar and is the mother of two young girls.

DSC_0010She also has a life-long battle with depression. 

Jo is author of the book “Through The Dark Woods: A Young Woman’s Journey Out of Depression.”

On this podcast I interview Jo about her life and the lessons she has learnt and is learning about the dreaded D word.

Jo is refreshingly frank and honest about her life. Quoting from James Jones (previously Bishop of Liverpool 1998-2013) in the foreword to the book:

“Jo is fun, she’s serious, she’s open yet protective of her own identity, she’s an adventurer but doesn’t forget where the safe places are, like a strong swimmer always with an eye on the beach. She writes engagingly and takes you to places that are familiar to every human being. Herein lies the importance of her story. Depressive feelings, as well as moments of elation, are the emotions of being alive and form the experience of us all, and clinical depression affects one in five of us. All of us will in our lifetime either experience depression or be intimately affected by someone who is depressed. This honest testimony of a young woman will help you identify and name these episodes and to know with a little more wisdom how to be and what to do when they happen.”

So do come and join us as we explore some answers on to how to combat depression in our lives. We are looking at:

What depression can personally feel like

The importance of the right support and relationships

The tragedy of suicide

Specific survival ideas and tips that really do make a difference

A spiritual perspective to depression

For all this and much more do listen to the podcast!

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The transcript of the podcast is here..

You can order Jo’s book below. Her website is here.