Joy. Its a great subject, but why is it important and so fundamental to your life and my life? In this podcast we try to make sense of joy and distinguish it from happiness.



Do join my cohost Andrew Horton and myself as we discuss the following:

  • How as a psychiatrist practically all my training has been on the negative rather than the positive in life.
  • The dangers of the “if only…..” mindset
  • Why personal circumstances only account for 10% of your overall level of happiness.
  • The importance of training yourself to be a happier person
  • The difference between happiness and joy
  • Joy as  “an unsatisfied desire which is itself more desirable than any other satisfaction. Anyone who has experienced it will want it again.”
  • The hunger for joy as a desire for spiritual experience.
  • Naive primary strategies for joy such as do your duty, follow your dream or be successful.
  • Secondary precarious strategies for joy such as switching track, being busier and cynicism.
  • What the hunger for joy points to.

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