How do we make sense of money? How much money do we actually need? Don’t worry I am not trying to sell you anything!


They say money can’t buy happiness – and there are many examples of that. But are there ways money can actually buy happiness?

In this podcast with my co-host Andrew Horton we explore the fascinating and complex subject of money. I’m afraid I don’t think we can solve your money worries and problems, but we do explore ways that our attitude to money can lead to a healthy and lasting happiness in our lives.

Do join us as we discuss 5 ways that money can buy happiness:

  1. By buying experiences rather than things. (Those experiences need to fulfil 4 specific criteria).
  2. By creating treats for yourself. Those treats should specifically be linked to something.
  3. By using money to buy time. We say time is money, but how can our thinking about money and time help us?
  4. By paying first and consuming later. Neurologically there is a particular pleasure and reward centre in your brain that is activated when this happens.
  5. By investing in others in 3 specific ways.

We also look at how surprisingly money and our attitude to it is actually a spiritual subject.

The link to the podcast is below.

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What questions and comments does the subject of money and happiness raise for you?