We live in the age of information. Perhaps it is more accurate to say we are drowning in the information constantly presented to us. In previous generations it took 1000 years for human knowledge to double. Currently human knowledge doubles every 12 hours! Is it any surprise that we struggle to keep up? But our minds and souls need so much more than just information. We need wisdom.

Our restless minds struggle to make sense of life with all the information coming at us from all sorts of directions. We are so much more than our minds. We are body, mind and spirit that are interconnected and inter-related in marvellous and complex ways.

On this podcast conversation do come and join my co-host Elliott Frisby and myself as we discuss:

  • Our fundamental need for human connection that technology can only partly satisfy.
  • How do we create the space in our lives to remain focussed on what is truly important and not be distracted by the latest and loudest?
  • The importance of silence and solitude to handle negative thoughts that come from our restless minds.
  • Lessons from my own personal burnout during 2008-9.
  • The role of Biblical scripture in our lives during times of silence and solitude.
  • How when I worry I am attempting to control the universe – a job that has already been taken by someone else!
  • Why it is important to not believe everything you think, but to think carefully about what you believe.