Exploring the subject of wisdom is like looking at different facets of a diamond and even more so when we add an infinite reference point.

As my co-host Elliott Frisby and I continue our conversation on what it means to define wisdom with respect to the Divine, we face the insight that our secular world conditions us to believe this life is all there is and that is all that matters.

However, the fact is all religious traditions for thousands of years are agreed there is more to life than what we experience in this world. Indeed modern secular belief is out of keeping with much of human thinking since the dawn of time.

It is not possible to make sense of this finite world without an infinite reference point.

Do join us in this conversation as we explore:

  • How the concept of emotional intelligence overlaps with wisdom, but is also different.
  • The role of the Jewish carpenter in understanding wisdom.
  • How the books of Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job look at wisdom from different angles.
  • How understanding wisdom is not just an intellectual exercise, but has a calling on how I fundamentally conduct my life.

The link to the podcast is below.

You can also watch the conversation on video here.