How do you navigate through life so as to not just survive, but actually thrive and even dance through the confusion and mess?  That is much easier said than done!

More than we care to admit life is so often full of challenges and complex situations where we can feel at the end of our resources. How do we navigate our way through for the greater good of ourselves and others?
In this podcast conversation we discuss the subject of wisdom for life. It’s only a small subject to cover in 25 minutes! 🙂

All around us we see disordered lives that arise from a lack of wisdom. That can start as a sense of disappointment or general frustration before leading, if unchecked, on to fear, dread, shame, worry, anxiety, stress, burnout, depression and even suicide. As a psychiatrist I have sadly seen those consequences in many people’s lives.

Our restless hearts are constantly looking for security and comfort, while our questioning minds can feel they are drowning in too much information. The result can be disordered lives with rising rates of mental illness and discontentment.

The secular atheistic worldview that is so much a part of our lives cannot provide the meaningful answers we long for.

On this podcast we discuss how the timeless truths of wisdom provide answers to:

  • A path to learn and grow past the sorrow, sadness, suffering and sickness we see around us
  • Something much more than the quick fix solutions of our age be that in terms of superficial entertainment, a tablet, victimhood, cynicism or self-righteous indignation.
  • A way of understanding how while pain in life is inevitable miserable suffering is not necessarily so.
  • The dangers of making happiness our main goal in life and why good news only makes sense in the context of bad news
  • Understanding the two types of regret and why it is important to be able to tell the difference.

Life’s challenges can diminish, define or develop you. Which will it be? The choice is yours through wisdom. Make sure you choose the right one.

Listen to the 25 minute conversation below to explore this more.

You can also watch on YouTube here.